Our Mission

We are a small, experienced group of creative individuals aiming at solving problems which many enterpreuners neglect. Yes, a calculator. A calculator is an essential thing in any field. After travelling around the world our specialist team noticed that in the 21st century calculator is used not just for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and solving scientific problems, rather calculator is used in variety of industries. For Example, calculating EMI for your car loan, Finding out how much to tip to a waiter, Calculating sales discount of a computer you want to buy, etc. Our speacialist team also noticed that students nowadays doesn't have proper calculators to help them with their homeworks. For example, what is the LCM and GCD of 3 and 6?, how to calculate gravitation force between two objects, what is the molar mass of a substance, what is the half life of a radio active material etc.

Collecting all the facts from our research specialist team, our IT individuals sat down and started to think what can we do about this and that is how calculatorhut.com started. CalculatorHut has over 115 different calculators spread across different subjects such as Finance, Health, vehicle, physics, chemistry, math and other day to day use calculators and moreover, all calculators in this website are FREE to use.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or if you have any feedback on our efforts at calculatorhut@gmail.com