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What is Integral?

Definition of Integrals

Integral is categorically a branch of mathematics which is derived from calculus. Before defining the integral, we just want to give you a brief introduction about mathematics and its branches. Mathematics is the study of numbers, their relations and related operations. Mathematics is used in almost.......(Read More)

4 min 49 sec read

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Musk’s Mantra!

80 hours work week!!

Elon Musk is undoubtedly thinking ahead of time and has donned a new avatar of being a savior of the future generations by “changing the world.” Or that’s what has been comprehended by our tiny brains, which are exhausted after ....(Read More)

3 min 3 sec read

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Happy New Year 2019!

All About Number 2019

Another year 2018 got dissolved into the womb of Time, gifting us a fresh start and fresh beginning to our lives. 2019 has got many surprises, key events, and opportunities for all of us. Numerology, astrology, and ....(Read More)

2 min 8 sec read

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