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Bra Size Calculator

Whoever said a Solitaire is a girl’s best friend should consider about bras first! Yes, girls have varied feeling towards their bras — confusion, love, fantasy, craving, need! Bras are girls’ best friends right from the start of their puberty. They boost confidence, give warmth and coziness, and enhances girls’ natural beauty.

Given its importance in a girl’s clothing and wardrobe, it makes sense to know some basics about bras. This article will help you to learn some basics about bra selection, size calculation, tips to take care of your bras, and a lot more! Let’s move on!

Why do girls need a bra?

As soon as a girl enters puberty, the breasts start growing. Essentially, breasts are a mix of milk-producing tissues and supporting muscles beneath them. The tissues are both milk producing and fatty. The size of the fatty tissue decides the size of a woman’s breast.

Bra Size Measurement

Knowing bra size is important to select a bra of correct fit. An incorrect bra would add to the discomfort and also damage the look of your curves.

To know the size of the bra that fits you correctly, take a measuring tape and do the following steps:

There lies another term called Cup size for a bra. To find cup size, add 4 inches to your underbust measurement if it is an even number, or add 5 inches if underbust is an odd number.

Now, pick a bra that has the size mentioned on its label. You can go for a smaller size if you don’t find a perfect number because bras tend to stretch over time.

Types of Bras

Depending on your need, you can select a variety of bras that perfectly suits an occasion. Here are some of such ideas:

What a girl needs to know about bras?

Some funny facts about Bras

How to use Calculator Hut’s Bra Size Calculator?

Calculator Hut’s bra size calculator allows you to find the right bra size for your perfect fit. Just enter the values of under bust and over the bust, and you can see the bra size that fits you perfectly!

Just let us know your preferred customizations at [email protected], and we would design an attractive and colorful widget as per your taste. And this is all for FREE!!

A good friend is like a good bra: lifts you, doesn’t stab you in the back, and is close to your heart!

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