Chemistry Calculators

Chemistry Calculators

Introduction to chemistry calculators

Chemistry is one of the subjects that rule our life. Every aspect of human life and survival has chemistry behind it. In fact, science has various branches in its umbrella. Physics, biology, medicine, geological, environmental studies, and more. What makes chemistry unique is - it acts as a central point uniting all these branches of science.

Chemistry is different from other theoretical subjects – in chemistry, everything is practical. As Faraday puts it, “Chemistry is necessarily an experimental science. Its conclusions are drawn from the data, and its principles are supported by evidence from facts.”

Unsurprisingly, many students fear chemistry. Some of the chemistry concepts are undoubtedly tough and involve complex calculations. And that’s where we intend to simplify chemistry calculations through our wide range of online chemistry calculators.


How chemistry helps us?

Chemistry dictates everything in our life. Chemistry principles guide our daily life applications. Digestion, respiration, metabolism, photosynthesis, energy production, pharmaceuticals, fuels, desalination of water. And many more.

A knowledge of chemistry principles helps us in many ways:

  • We can make safer choices about the chemical products we deal with in our daily life, such as medicines, cosmetics, and home cleaning products.
  • We understand many high-level phenomena including global warming, pollution, desalination of ocean water, recycling e-waste, benefits of switching to organic farming, etc.
  • Chemistry opens doors for brighter career opportunities. Those who study chemistry are in intense demand in academia, research, and scientific fields.
  • Knowing the basics of chemistry helps us to stay safe. We can identify potentially dangerous chemicals and combinations and stay away from them.
  • Chemistry helps us to marvel at the beauty of nature and its miracles. Precipitation and rainfall, ice floating on lakes, rain cycles, colors of leaves and flowers, etc. have their base in the magic of chemistry.

Prominent chemistry scientists

Do you know who is the father of chemistry? Antoine Lavoisier, the famous French scientist, is considered the Father of Modern Chemistry.

Later, numerous scientists made their contributions to reveal the mysteries of chemistry. Some of such prominent scientists that dedicated their lives to the study of chemistry include:

  • Robert Boyle
  • Marie Curie
  • John Dalton
  • Alfred Nobel
  • Rosalind Franklin
  • Michael Faraday
  • Ernest Rutherford
  • J.J. Thomson
  • Niels Bohr
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Dmitri Mendeleyev
  • Amedeo Avogadro
  • Jons Jacob Berzelius

All these great scientists invented and discovered astonishing facts related to chemistry. Their studies brought out many valuable equations, principles, and calculations that revealed the secrets of our daily life.

In our online chemistry calculators section, you will find scientific calculators that make such chemistry calculations easier.

"I feel sorry for people who don’t understand anything about chemistry. They are missing an important source of happiness. – Linus Pauling"

Real-life applications of chemistry

Chemistry is so intertwined with our lives that we often cannot distinguish it.

Food industry: Fermentation, baking, boiling, sauteing, preserving, etc. are based on the chemical properties of substances. By learning chemistry, we can appreciate the chemical properties of oils, salts, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, etc., and use them wisely.

Plants: The main reason we can obtain food from plants is chemistry. Photosynthesis is one of the fundamental chemical reactions in plants and provides us with food. Besides, chemistry also governs the taste, size, color, and growth of plants.

Health and the human body: Do you know that 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions per second occur in the human body? It means the human body is a powerhouse driven by chemical reactions. Respiration, metabolism, excretion, weight loss, weight gain, obesity, blood flow, diseases, health, skin glow, aging, mind, and heart – everything related to the human body has chemistry behind it.

Lifestyle: Chemicals are all around us. Soaps, deodorants, home cleaning products, refrigerators, ACs, cosmetics, water softeners, preservatives, detergents, plastics are all chemicals that we use in our life. By understanding chemistry, we can make smarter choices and save ourselves and Earth from the harmful side effects of toxic chemicals.

Pollution: Fossil fuel-based fuels and products are the main culprits of pollution and toxic waste. Learning chemistry will empower us to invent earth-friendly options that help make Earth green again.

Clothing: We choose cotton in summer and woolen in winter. It is one of the obvious applications of chemistry in our daily life. Modern scientists are coming up with fabrics that need minimal water for production and cleaning. All thanks to chemistry and the magic it does.

Advanced studies: Nuclear studies, space explorations, deep-sea studies, mining and fuel cell design, nanotechnology, genetics, polymer applications, organic farming, advanced agricultural practices, etc., all demand the understanding of chemistry at a higher level.

Besides, chemistry develops our sense of thinking. It triggers curiosity and increases our capability to analyze things around us. Chemistry also helps to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

If you aspire to become an expert in chemistry, a knowledge of chemistry calculations is imperative. If you gain clarity of concepts, chemistry calculations would not look complex. Similar to any other subject, you can master them with patience and practice. Make our online free chemistry calculators your study aids and gain confidence in various chemistry concepts.


Free chemistry calculators online

We designed our chemistry calculators so that you no more worry about the complexity of chemistry calculations. You can use these online free chemistry calculators as and when you need a helping hand with your chemistry calculations.

We have covered most concepts ranging from acids to bases, Gay Lussac’s law, Boyle's law, normality, density, and many other chemistry concepts.

All these chemistry calculators are free to use. With the help of these calculators, you can get the solutions to your chemistry problems in seconds. Besides, if you need these online free chemistry calculators as widgets, please email us, and we will provide them for free.

We are constantly working on updating our chemistry calculators page. If you find we missed any chemistry calculator, please feel free to reach us at with your suggestions. We will be happy to add it and make your chemistry calculations easier.

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