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GST Price Calculator

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax that a government collects from its citizens. The amount collected from the consumers directly enters the government’s treasury.

Before dwelling the concepts of GST and how it is calculated, let us understand the basics to gain a better understanding.

Tax and Why should we pay it at all?

Tax is a mandatory revenue collection made by any government from its citizens. It can be on salary earned, profits gained, business transactions done, and even lottery prize won!

You must be wondering why should we pay tax to the government while the money is our hard-earned. The money that the government collects in the form of taxes is spent in various forms — laying roads, providing electricity and water supply, medical facilities and subsidy schemes and even salaries to all the government employees.

Thus, the tax is a key source of income to the government for the smooth functioning of its operations.

GST – Simplified

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax that is laid on consumers. Indirect tax is a tax that is levied on the good that we buy or the services that we utilize. The tax that we pay on our houses or salaries or profits is termed Direct Tax.

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax." - Einstein

In GST implemented states, the final MRP that the consumer pays is inclusive of GST. That means the consumer is paying GST every time they buy a good or service.

  • The percentage of GST levied differs with product and service.
  • GST is laid every time there is a change of ownership of the product.

How is GST beneficial?

The main intention behind a government opting for GST is to bring uniformity in taxes levied. GST is an effective alternative of all the taxes with various names such as excise duty, VAT, surcharges, entertainment tax, entry tax, luxury tax, sales tax, service tax, etc. that exist at various levels of before a product or service is finally landed at the consumer. This reduces the burden on the consumer and brings transparency to the tax mechanism.

Where is GST implemented?

GST finds its origin in France. The country implemented GST way back in 1954. Inspired by its successful results, around 160 countries have opted GST in one way or the other. Currently, some of the countries that are implementing GST are Australia, India, Spain, Italy, Canada, and Brazil.

India - The Recent Benefiter of GST

India is the latest country to adopt GST. The Government of India abolished all other taxes and brought the entire subcontinent under the GST umbrella in 2017. Though there was a lot of criticism and uproar from the opposition about GST implementation, India proved a success story in the implementation of GST.

The Reason behind GST’s success in India

GST mainly eliminated the burden of double taxation method that was rampant in India till its entry. Under this, the tax was paid by the customer for every process involved right from procurement of raw materials, to the manufacturing, processing, packaging and advertising and then final retail selling in the market.

The Indian government has brought many products under a similar GST bracket; thus the entire cost of manufacturing came down, thus the burden on the final customer is lightened.

A solid example that would prove the benefit of GST to Indian customers is the recent drop in the prices of crackers that are used heavily during the Diwali festival. Diwali 2018 witnessed a steep fall in prices of crackers in India, a first of its kind in the history of Indian crackers market. Manufacturers have owed it all to the GST!

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) too recognized that implementation of GST is a milestone in Indian economic reforms.

Now, won’t you agree that GST is a Good and Simple Tax!

How our GST calculator helps you?

Our GST calculator is inbuilt with GST percentages of many renowned countries and helps you calculate the GST levied, the value before GST and the final value added with GST. Just enter the initial amount, and you can see the detailed breakdown of GST in a snap! Happy GSTing!!

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