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Absolute Neutrophil Count Calculator

Neutrophils are a type of white blood cells present in the human body. Absolute Neutrophil Count, medically abbreviated as ANC, is an indicator of the total number of neutrophils in the blood. The ANC plays a key role in estimating the health status and treatment plans for a patient.

Neutrophils – Their Significance

Blood cells of the human body are divided into red blood cells and white blood cells. While red blood cells play a major role in the oxygen transport across the body and the release of carbon dioxide to the outside, white blood cells are mainly responsible for offering immunity to our body.

White blood cells are composed of many subtypes of cells, of which neutrophils are one major type. They constitute around 40-60 percent of the total count of white blood cells. When our body is attacked by an external agent or an infection, it is the neutrophils that come first into action to protect our body. For this reason, neutrophils are commonly termed as “first responders” or “first line of defence” of the human body. This shows how important the role of neutrophils is.

The most powerful therapeutic in the world is our own immune system.
– Francis de Souza

Like red blood cells, neutrophils are produced by bone marrow too. On average, hundreds of billions of neutrophils are produced every single day in our body. You must think that when the bone marrow produces neutrophils constantly, we should have them in ample and so how can we get infected with diseases?

Well, the life span of neutrophils is very short. Each neutrophil lives a maximum of around 8 hours and then it dies on its own. Surprising, isn’t it? This is the reason we should focus including foods that will boost our immunity on a regular basis.

How do neutrophils know that an infection has occurred?

You must be wondering how the neutrophils can jump into action when some bacteria are attacking us. Well, when bacteria attack our normal and healthy cells, the normal cells get damaged. In this process, chemicals called “chemokines” are released. The release of this chemical alarms neutrophils and they quickly spring into action, i.e to fight them and defend our body.

Have you ever seen a neutrophil? Fret not. The pus that we see emanating from the spots of infection primarily contains the dead neutrophils, which fought against the bacteria and successfully killed them, and yes, they lost their lives too!

How do neutrophils kill external harmful agents?

As soon as they discover that foreign harmful agents such as bacteria entered our body, neutrophils take them inside their cells. You can visualize this process as neutrophils chewing the bacteria. This involves two processes called Phagocytosis and Endocytosis. In the end, neutrophils release a special enzyme that kills the bacteria completely.

Neutrophil Count- Significance

The average range of neutrophils in a healthy human body is 2500 to 7500 per microliter of blood. Any variation beyond the range either higher or lower indicates some abnormality and indicates the need for medical help.

High Count of Neutrophils

The presence of high level of neutrophils is called Neutrophilia. This is a condition that can indicate the following:

  • Your body is responding to some types of medications including corticosteroids, beta-2-agonists, and epinephrine
  • You recently underwent surgery or an accident
  • You smoke a lot or are under extreme stress
  • You are either pregnant or obese
  • You are suffering from an inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis inflammatory bowel disease, and vasculitis
  • You are suffering from genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome
  • You have had surgical removal of the spleen

Low Count of Neutrophils

The condition where the neutrophils count is less than 2500 is called Neutropenia. This can indicate the following:

  • Your bone marrow is not producing enough neutrophils
  • Your spleen is enlarged
  • You are suffering from chronic bacterial infection
  • You are under drug treatments for longer spans
  • You are allergic to certain conditions
  • You are under cancer treatment/chemotherapy
  • You are suffering from auto-immune disorders
  • You have a vitamin B-12 deficiency
  • If the ANC count is less than 1000, then it is a sign of a serious medical condition that needs immediate medical assistance.

Significance of Neutrophils count

Neutrophils play an important role in understanding the immunity levels of a human body. For example, for a person undergoing chemotherapy, the count of neutrophils drastically decreases. This is because the treatment process directly affects the soft tissue of the bone marrow that is responsible for the production of neutrophils. As a result, the patient’s immunity levels decrease drastically, and hence special care has to be taken accordingly to restore normal health condition.

Formula for Absolute Neutrophil Count

Absolute Neutrophil Count
ANC= {(%neutrophils + %bands) x WBC } / 100

The ANC is measured in cells per microliter of blood.

How to improve the neutrophil count?

In persons suffering from neutropenia, doctors suggest medications and diet restrictions to improve ANC count. In general, the following tips may help recover the level of neutrophils:

  • Preventing bacterial exposure and chances of contamination through food – by washing hands regularly and eating cooked foods and avoiding raw and exposed foods.
  • Consuming boiled and safe water and avoiding unpasteurized dairy products.
  • Frozen or skinned fruits and their juices, cooked foods and vegetables, starches such as bread, beans, potatoes, pasteurized milk, cheese, yogurt, and protein can increase neutrophil levels.

Maintaining Good Immunity

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.
– Gautama Buddha

Good immunity levels are essential to fight infections and maintaining healthy levels. Certain tips and measures can help in improving our immunity levels.

  • Good sleep is essential for our body to recover from tiredness and to heal itself.
  • Stress kills immunity. Beat stress by opting for a digital detox, spending more time with nature, doing exercise and involving in social activities.
  • Eating healthy is key to boost your immunity. Ayurveda suggests many herbs and food substances that can be easily incorporated in our daily cooking to stay healthy and immune always.
  • Yoga and pranayama offer special poses and breathing exercises to enhance our immunity levels.

How does CalculatorHut’s Absolute Neutrophil Count calculator help you?

You can calculate the absolute neutrophil count by entering the values of white blood cells (WBC), Neutrophil granulocytes (segs), and Neutrophilic band forms (bands) in their respective columns and clicking “Calculate”. It is for educational purposes and you can use our ANC calculator to stay healthy.

Disclaimer: This ANC calculator is meant solely for informational purposes. It is in no way a substitute for a certified medical practitioner’s advice. For any further query or guidance on Absolute Neutrophil Count, please seek expert medical advice.

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