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Body Mass Index and Ponder Index

Body mass index (BMI) plays a crucial role in determining the health status of a person. It is an important parameter that lets doctors understand a patient’s profile and to estimate various parameters such as heart profile, cholesterol levels, etc.

Definition and Standards

As the name says, the Body Mass Index is an index of your weight with respect to your height. It is the ratio of your weight to your height squared. BMI gives an overall idea of whether your weight is correct as per your height, or you are overweight/ underweight.

As per the standard, the following values of BMI indicate the person’s weight profile:

BMI Weight Profile
18.5 and 25 kg/m² Normal Weight
Less than 18.5 kg/m² Underweight
Between 25 kg/m² and 29.9 kg/m² Overweight
30 kg/m² or higher Obese

How to calculate your BMI?

Use our body mass index calculator and calculate your BMI easily. Just enter your height and weight into the fields shown and know the value of your BMI.

It also gives you Ponderal Index (PI) which is another accepted relationship between mass and height.

Ponderal Index= Mass / height3

Why should you care about your BMI?

  • Your body mass index is a direct indicator of your overall health. Greater the value of BMI, higher is the risk posed to you.
  • Your BMI is another parameter along with your weight circumference that either keeps your healthy or puts you at the risk of diseases.
  • BMI is a direct indicator of excessive fat that is lying in your body. It tells how prone you are to high blood pressure, obesity, blood cholesterol, heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes.

Living long is one thing. Living long and healthy is another.

What is the relation between BMI and waist circumference?

Waist circumference is the excess fat that is around your hip bone. The greater the fat around the hip, the higher the risk.

In relation with BMI and waist circumference, for a healthy BMI of 25-35 kg/m2, the following figures are considered suitable for different sexes:

  1. Less than 40 inches for male
  2. Less than 35 inches for female

How will you benefit from maintaining a healthy BMI?

You can gift your body multiple benefits by maintaining a healthy BMI.

  • Healthy BMI means no additional pressure on the heart and any other body organs. That means you would be at less risk for falling a victim of chronic diseases.
  • Your joints will need not to have to bear the additional pressure due to excessive weight. They will be free, smooth and gives you no joint pains.
  • Body cycle would be normal, and you can enjoy normal sleep patterns and other metabolic activities.
  • Hormonal patterns would be healthy, and you will have more activeness, enthusiasm, and energy to work.
  • Your blood triglycerides and glucose would be healthy, and you would at a lower risk of type-2 diabetes and cancers.

Don’t focus on losing weight. Focus on eating healthy.

Tips to maintain healthy BMI

So far we have seen what advantages lies ahead for your body if you can keep a healthy BMI. Follow these simple steps given below and enjoy a healthy BMI:

  • Eliminate junk food, processed food, packed food, and food rich in sugars and carbohydrates.
  • Eat more natural fiber available in whole leafy veggies, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Eat like a bird. Eat small and healthy portions 3-4 times a day. Do not eat much after sunset.
  • Fill your meal plate with darker fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and nuts.
  • Get up and keep moving. Use your free time to make a move and walk in the garden instead to stick yourself up to TV or smartphones.
  • Take up an additional hobby that would involve body movements. It could be dancing, swimming, outdoor sports, social service, gardening, etc.
  • Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

Healthy is not a goal; it is a way of living.

Disclaimer: Our BMI calculator is designed considering the health standards for most people over 18 years. It is designed to give an overall idea of your BMI. This calculator is never meant to be a substitute for professional medical care giver’s advice. This calculator is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women.

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