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Body Surface Area (BSA) Calculator

What is Body Surface Area?

The entire surface area of a human body that is covered by the skin is called Body Surface Area (BSA).

Where is Body Surface Area useful?

  • In calculating the intravenous (IV) fluids that are to be injected under various situations of treating an individual.
  • In the calculation of drug dosages for people of different age groups.

What is the significance of Body Surface Area?

  • Compared to other commonly used indices of health, such as body weight, body mass index and ponder index, Body Surface Area plays a significant role in certain circumstances.
  • Body Surface Area is not affected by abnormal body fat, hence it gives a better picture than body weight of an individual.
  • Body surface area also has a link with body metabolic rate, cardiac output, oxygen consumption, renal plasma flow, organ size, and other parameters of the human body.

For example:

  • The glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which is a mathematical formula that compares a person's size, age, sex, and race to serum creatinine levels, requires a body surface area for its calculation.
  • The cardiac index, which relates the heart performance with respect to the size of an individual, is the ratio of cardiac output and the body surface area.
  • Dosages in chemotherapy and pharmacotherapies also rely on body surface area.
  • Assessment of injury burns or the spread of psoriasis also needs the body surface area value.

The human body is the best work of art. – Jess. C.Scott

How is Body Surface Area calculated?

There are many formulae to calculate Body Surface Area and their results slightly differ. However, the most accepted formula that is in prominent use is the Mosteller formula.

According to this formula:

Body surface area = √ ((height in cm x weight in kg))/3600

Another formula of Du Bois is also widely used. It is given by:

Body Surface Area = 0.007184 x (patient height in cm)0.725 x (patient weight in kg)0.425

Facts about Body Surface Area

  • The body surface area that is considered normal for humans is 1.7 m2.
  • Body surface area depends on the height, weight, age, and gender of an individual.
  • The average values of body surface area for humans of various ages and genders are as given below:

    • Adult men: 1.9 m2
    • Adult women: 1.6 m2
    • Children (9 years): 1.07 m2
    • Children (10 years): 1.14 m2
    • Children (12-13 years): 1.33 m2

Do you know?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It weighs around 6 to 8 pounds and would make up to a size of the double-sized blanket if you lie it peel the skin and lie it flat!

How does Body Mass Index differ from Body Surface Area?

The body mass index depends on many factors including the race and the origin of people. It is a measure that indicates obesity levels of an individual and the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders and metabolic disorders.

Body surface area depends on the age and gender of individuals and helps in the dosage and administration of drugs during treatment.

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