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Lean Body Mass Calculator (LBM)

If you are a fitness enthusiast and a regular gym goer, you must be aware of some terms — muscle, mass, body fat, weight gain and weight loss, muscle gain and muscle loss. In this section let us talk about a commonly confused topic Lean Body Mass Calculator.

What is Lean Body Mass?

When we say body mass, it is the mass of the body including all the components — organs, water, skin, muscle and fat. The name ‘lean’ itself indicates that there is no fat; which means the lean body mass excludes the fat from the entire body mass.

Lean Body Mass includes the total weight of a human body, except the fat.

Are lean body mass and muscle mass the same?

This is the next obvious question that would arise for a gym doer. Are these both the same? Let’s talk.

They both are different. Lean body mass includes, as we said, organs, skins, bones, body water and the muscle. Note that muscle mass is also included in the lean body mass.

In other words, lean body mass is your healthy body mass.

How will protein consumption affect lean body mass?

When you work out and consume more protein, you are building skeletal mass, which is a component of lean body mass.

Thus, consuming protein indirectly is good for your lean body mass.

Why should I care about Lean Body Mass?

You must be wondering how lean body mass makes difference to your health and appearance. Please be clear that it is the lean body mass that will give your outer figure, the way you look when you are dressed up.

Note that anesthetists administer medications based on lean body mass only.

Besides, more lean body mass means the more metabolic rate and a more active you!

Muscles – Use them or lose them.

Tips to increase lean body mass

  • Increase your protein intake. Opt for healthy protein in the form of lean meat, dry fruits and nuts, egg whites and fish, low-fat poultry, soy and tofu. The best way to consume protein during each meal in small amounts.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. They contain essential nutrients that rest your tired muscles after a workout.
  • Choose whole grains and cut down on carbohydrates.
  • Snack before and after your workouts.
  • Give importance to both cardio and strength training.
  • Exercise for a minimum of half an hour per day.
  • Add exercises that benefit multiple muscles at a time into your workout routine.

Measurement of Lean Body Mass

Multiple formulae are used as a standard for lean body mass measurement. Note that here W is body weight in kilograms and H is body height in centimeters.

Boer’s formula:
Male: LBM = ( 0.407 × W ) + ( 0.267 × H ) − 19.2
Female: LBM = ( 0.252 × W ) + ( 0.473 × H ) − 48.3

Hume’s formula:
Male: LBM = ( 0.32810 × W ) + ( 0.33929 × H ) − 29.5336
Female: LBM = ( 0.29569 × W ) + ( 0.41813 × H ) − 43.2933
where W is body weight in kilograms and H is body height in centimeters.

Jame’s formula:
Male: 1.10 × W − 128 × ( W / H ) × 2
Female: 1.07 × W − 148 × ( W / H) × 2
Great ideas originate in the Muscles. – Thomas Alva Edison

How Calculator Hut’s lean body mass calculator helps you?

Using our calculator, you can easily understand the lean body mass in your total body composition. This gives accurate results in all the three methods: Boyer, James and Hume. Also, you can find out how much is your lean body mass, if you know your body fat percentage.

Happy Calculating!

This LBM calculator is meant solely for educational purposes. It is in no way a substitute for a certified medical practitioner’s advice. For any query or guidance on more on this topic, please seek expert medical advice.

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