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WILKS CALCULATOR - Calculate Strength

Wilks calculator is used to measuring the strength of a powerlifter against other powerlifters despite the different weights of the lifters. Robert Wilks derived this formula.

Unlike the other calculators, the Wilks calculator is used to decide which weightlifter is better rather; not used to track your progress.

The significance of Wilks calculator

Wilks formula is mainly used in Powerlifting contests.

  • It helps in identifying the best lifters across the different body-weight categories.
  • It is also used to compare male and female lifters, as there are formulas for both the sexes.
  • The medals are distributed on the winner’s podium within their age, body weight and gender classes are awarded to the competitors who lift the most weight respectively.
  • In case two lifters in a class achieve the same combined total lifted weight, the lighter lifter is chosen as the winner.

The Wilks formula is used when we compare all lifters from different categories and to determine overall champions across the different categories.

This formula is used in the team which has lifters of significantly varying bodyweights and handicap competitions.

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Basically, in Wilks calculator power to weight ratio is derived. In many cases, the lighter lifter lifts more weight concerning their body weight. Thus, by calculating the Wilks coefficient, we can compare them to the heavy lifters. The lighter lifters have a higher relative strength level when compared to the heavyweight lifters, who tend to have a greater amount of absolute strength.

The Wilks system is primarily a handicapping process used to compare all lifters of varying classes and groups on equal standing and makes allowances for the disparities.

The Wilks Formula

This Wilks formula is considered as the universal Wilks formula that can be applied to all weightlifters of any gender. Only the coefficients used in the equation of the formula changes.

Wilks Coefficient

The Wilks coefficient makes it possible to compare the strengths of powerlifters despite their different capabilities resulting from body structure. In competitions, weightlifters are divided into categories according to their body weight and sex. The Wilks coefficient allows us to compare the lifters across all categories.

Robert Wilks, CEO of Powerlifting Australia is the person who introduced the Wilks Coefficient.

Wilks coefficient = W * 500 / (a + bx +cx² +dx³ +ex⁴ +fx⁵)

where W - the maximum weight lifted (in kilograms),
x - the body weight of the lifter
a, b, c, d, e, f are the coefficients of the Wilks formula; they differ from men and women.
Coefficients used for men are:
a = -216.0475144
b = 16.2606339
c = -0.002388645
d = -0.00113732
e = 7.01863E-06
f = -1.291E-08
Coefficients used for women are:
a = 594.31747775582
b = -27.23842536447
c = 0.82112226871
d = -0.00930733913
e = 4.731582E-05
f = -9.054E-08

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Wilks calculator - Example

Assume that you want to compare the weightlifting capabilities of two different weightlifters. The first man is a lightweight champion who weighs 40 kg and competes in the lowest body weight division. The second is a man who weighs 100 kg and competes in the highest body weight division.

  1. First, find out lifter's personal record. Let's say it was 100 kg.
  2. Now find out what the heavyweight lifter's personal record.
  3. Assume that it was 200 kg.
  4. Now calculate the Wilks coefficient for both the lifter, using our Wilks calculator.
    Wilks coefficient for the lightweight lifter is 133.54.
    Wilks coefficient for the heavyweight lifter is 121.72.
  5. The lightweight lifter has scored higher. That means that even though he can lift fewer kilograms, he is objectively better than the male lifter.

This is how Wilks calculations take place. All the data you need is the gender, body weight and weight lifted.

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Disclaimer: Our Wilks calculator is designed considering the general health standards. It is designed to give an overall idea. This calculator is never meant to be a substitute for professional medical care giver’s advice. This calculator is not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women. In case of further guidance on Wilks, please consult a registered medical care service provider.

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