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Mean Arterial Pressure

The mean arterial pressure (MAP) is the average blood pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of arteries in one full cycle of the heartbeat.

To understand about mean arterial pressure further, it is essential that we learn some basics of blood circulation and heart functioning.

We all know that in human beings and for that matter in all living beings in general, the heart is an essential organ that functions throughout the life of the organism. The heart keeps the blood circulating across the body and is necessary for the supply of oxygen for the lungs.

Consider one single cycle of heartbeat for our understanding. It contains two cycles:

Now, you might have obtained a picture that during diastole the pressure is less because the heart is expanding and vice versa during systole. For a healthy person, the systolic pressure should be less than 120 and diastolic pressure should be less than 80. Any variation in these numbers indicate abnormalities in blood pressure as explained here:

Mean Arterial Pressure and its Significance

Simply put, mean arterial pressure is the average in the arteries for one heartbeat or one cardiac cycle.

MAP plays a significant role in and provides the health data of a human. It is measured in mm of Mercury (mmHg). It is a critical key for doctors to estimate the blood flow, resistance and supply of blood to the entire body of a human.

A normal human will have 1 MAP value of 70-100 mmHg. Based on its value and range, doctors estimate the chances of occurrence of various dangerous ailment as explained here:

Lowering blood pressure in 24 hours following a stroke can reduce chances of brain damage.

How to maintain healthy blood pressure?

Trust is like blood pressure. It is silent, vital to good health; and if abused it can be deadly. - Frank Sonnenburg

How to use CalculatorHut’s Mean Arterial Pressure calculator?

Please enter Systolic Pressure and Diastolic Pressure in the columns provided. Click “Calculate”. You can observe the parameters of MAP calculated and displayed in no time. Use our MAP calculator and stay healthy.

Disclaimer: All the information provided on CalculatorHut’s Mean Arterial Pressure calculator and its page is in no way a substitute for doctor’s advice. This information is purely for educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor in person, in case you need guidance and medical help.

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