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Cylinder Calculator

☞ A cylinder is a 3-D figure with a pair of parallel and congruent circular ends. These ends are known as ‘bases’. Thus, the base shape of the cylinder is a circle.

☞ A cylinder can also be defined as the surface formed by points at a fixed distance from a given straight line axis.

☞ The bases of the cylinder are circles connected through their centers by an axis perpendicular to the planes of its bases, with given height h and radius r.

☞ The parameters like surface area, volume and the base area of the cylinder can be found with the radius and height of the cylinder.

☞ When laid out flat, a cylinder has a single curved side that forms a rectangle.

Types of Cylinders

Cylinders can be right or oblique.

The difference between the right cylinder and the oblique cylinder is the side of a right cylinder is perpendicular to its circular bases whereas the side of an oblique cylinder is not perpendicular to its bases.

However, in general, a cylinder refers to a right circular cylinder.

Note: A cylinder shares many of the properties of a prism. Similar to the prisms, the volume is found by multiplying the area of one end of the cylinder (base) by its height.

Surface Area of a Cylinder:

The two circles at the end of the cylinder and the side of the cylinder which when unrolled is a rectangle should be added to get the surface area of the cylinder.

i.e. the area of the two circles is 2πr2 (i.e. πr2+ πr2) and the area of the unrolled part or the curved outside is 2πrh Therefore,

Total Surface Area = 2πr2 + 2πrh
is radius
h is height

Volume of a Cylinder:

The volume of a cylinder can be calculated by the formula:

Volume = πr2h
is radius
h is height

Base Area of a cylinder:

Since the base of a cylinder is a circle, the base area of the cylinder is given by the area of the circle that is:

Base Area = πr2
is radius

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Everything in nature takes its form from the sphere, the cone, and the cylinder. – Paul Cezanne

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