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Square Area and Properties

Square is a quadrilateral whose all sides are of equal length and all the corner angles are equal.

A square is also called as a regular quadrilateral because of the equal sides and equal angles.

Properties of a Square:

  • All the four internal corner angles are right angles.
  • It is an equilateral (sides with equal length) and equiangular quadrilateral.
  • A square is a two-dimensional shape.
  • The sum of all internal angles in a square is equal to 360 degrees.
  • There are two diagonals in a square and the length of both the diagonals is equal.
  • The opposite sides of a square are parallel.
  • The diagonals in a square are perpendicular to each other and bisect each other at 900
  • Adjacent sides in a square meet up at right angle.
  • The equation max (x2, y2) = 1 is used to describe a square and the circumradius of this square is equal to √2.

What makes a quadrilateral into square?

  • A quadrilateral with four congruent sides and four right angles is a square.
  • If two consecutive sides of a rectangle are congruent, then it is a square.
  • If a rhombus is said to be a square if it contains a right angle.
  • If a quadrilateral is both a rectangle and a rhombus, then it is a square.
  • The only difference between a diamond and square is the length of the diagonals. In a square, both the diagonals are of equal length whereas in a diamond, the length of the diagonals are not equal.


The perimeter of a square is 4 times the length of one side (or) The perimeter of a square is the sum of all four sides of a square.


The area of a square is the product of length any two sides.

Assume that a length of a square is equal to ‘s’
Therefore, Area = s x s
Perimeter = (s+s+s+s) = 4 x s


It is the line segment joining two opposite vertices. The length of a diagonal in a square is √2 times the length of a side in a square.

Interesting Facts about Square

  • The windows of almost every building are in square shape because of its reflectional symmetry.
  • The word ‘magic square’ is a square table of numbers containing consecutive integers in arrangements such that the sum of numbers in any row, column, or diagonal are identical.
  • A matrix with equal number of rows and columns as called as a square matrix.
  • There is a city called as ‘Red square’ which is one of the most popular cities in Russia.
  • The square of a number represents it rising to its second power.
  • If a circle is circumscribed around a square with including all the corners of the square in it then the area of the circle is π/2 times the area of the square.
  • If a circle is inscribed around a square with including all the midpoints of the sides in a square then the area of the circle is π/4 times the area of the square.
  • In a plane, square tiling is one of the regular tiling.
  • A cube has six square faces and it is a three-dimensional object.

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