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Mileage Calculator - Let's save the earth

Mileage is often a key consideration when one is opting to purchase a new bike or a car. In the backdrop of fluctuating fuel prices, it is most budget lovers would choose for the one which gives the best mileage. Let us understand a few facts and concepts involved with this oft-heard term.

What does mileage mean?

When you say your bike has 60kmpl as its mileage, it means that your bike can run 60 kilometers on one liter of fuel. So now you must have got an idea what mileage is. Yes, Mileage is the distance in miles for which a vehicle can travel on one liter of fuel.

The key idea behind everyone owning a vehicle is to reduce the cost of commute, that often involves cabs, and other private vehicles, besides saving time spent on public transport such as buses and trains. Thus, having knowledge of do’s and don’ts of mileage helps in a great deal to achieve the best return on cost spent on the vehicle and fuel.

Mileage makes Champions.
– Steve Fairbairn

How can you increase the mileage of your vehicle?

Avoid these to increase the mileage of your vehicle:

How can you use CalculatorHut’s mileage calculator?

If you are confused how many liters or gallons your vehicle is giving, use CalculatorHut’s mileage calculator for clarity. Next time you want to calculate your vehicle’s mileage, note down the reading first, fill the fuel ( if your vehicle is on an empty tank), start your drive and at the end note how many kilometers you have traveled.

Enter all the values in CalculatorHut’s mileage calculator, and see your vehicle’s mileage appear in front of your eyes!

It’s not the years Honey; it’s the Mileage

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