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Bandwidth Calculator

The bandwidth is one of the deciding factors of time for downloads. On our bandwidth calculator page, you will learn:

  • Fascinating facts about bandwidth
  • how to calculate bandwidth,
  • how to calculate download time,
  • why we should care about bandwidth calculation.

Bonus, on our bandwidth calculator page, we also share reasons for slow internet speed. Move on to know more about bandwidth calculation and download speed calculation.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the download speed of an internet connection. Your internet bandwidth determines the maximum speed with which your downloads occur.

The unit of bandwidth is megabits per second (Mbps).

Is MBps the same as Mbps?

MBps stands for megabytes per second.

Mbps stands for Megabits per second.

Both indicate bandwidth and internet speed.


One megabyte per second = 8 megabits per second.

Mbps indicates the maximum possible speed you may enjoy from the connection.

MBps indicates the real-time download and upload speed of a particular activity such as gaming, video streaming, images download, etc.

Say your internet connectivity is 100 Mbps.

Then the download speed will be = 100 Mbps/8 = 12.5 MBps.

However, in reality, due to network limitations and loading, the download speed will be lesser than the theoretical one (12.5 MBps in this example).


Understanding Bandwidth

Consider your internet service provider as a tap. The wider the opening of the tap, the faster is the rate at which you can fill a bucket.

In other words, the rate of water gushing out of the tap is the bandwidth. Same service providers can offer various bandwidths, of course, the higher bandwidth packages are pricier than low bandwidth packages, for obvious reasons.

How much bandwidth do different online activities consume?

The bandwidth of each online activity differs from the size of the page loaded, downloaded, and uploaded burden. The following image gives a bird’s view of how much bandwidth does different online activities consume.



Significance of Bandwidth

Bandwidth plays a vital role in many day-to-day activities.

  • In designing security and surveillance systems, network bandwidth is one of the factors that is considered for calculating storage space for recordings.
  • Bandwidth makes a difference in download speed but also in uploading speed and browsing speed. The higher the bandwidth, the better the browsing, upload, and download experience.
  • FAQs about Bandwidth/ Download time

    I am confused about bandwidth selection for working from home. What is a good bandwidth? How many Mbps is a good speed?

    For working from home, you would need at least a bandwidth of 3 Mbps for video conferencing with multiple participants in superior quality video and audio. If there are connected devices in the home, choose at least a 25Mbps bandwidth connection.

    What is the best bandwidth for gaming?

    For gaming, a minimum of 3Mbps is suggested. The download speed should be at least 0.5Mbps while the upload speed must be 1 Mbps.

    Lately, I find my images and movie download speed reduced. Is there any way to check my internet speed?

    You can check your internet connection speed using free services from websites such as Ookla Speedtest and


    What factors impact download time?

    The download time depends on the file size and internet connection speed. More size and a greater number of files increase the download time.

    Why is my internet speed so slow?

    A never-ending video download and lagging video can be frustrating. Instead of puzzling what might trigger such forever downloads, check for the following factors that can reduce the internet speed:

    • Too many connections to a single internet source performing multiple tasks (downloads, watching movies, gaming) at a single time.
    • Interferences to Wi-Fi signals from neighboring wireless routers and devices.
    • Coaxial splitters can degrade the internet connection.
    • Router problem, try to reset the router, wait for some time, and then switch it on.
    • In some instances, internet speeds tend to be slow during the busiest hours of the day and turn faster at night.
    • Microwaves and heavy-duty machinery can weaken Wi-Fi signals.
    • The router is not of standard quality and may need an upgrade.
    • Your internet bandwidth plan is basic, and hence the speed is slow.
    • You are distant from the router, thus the signal is weak and hence low internet speed.
    • Background programs such as games are consuming bandwidth without your notice.

    Fun facts about internet and internet speed

    • According to Google, its internet service Google Fiber is 100 times faster than traditional broadband.
    • Vint Cerf is the Father of the Internet. He is also the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and internet architecture.
    • With the growth in Wifi availability, currently, more than 70% of mobile communications happen over wifi.
    • Contrary to popular belief that Wi-Fi is Wireless Fidelity, actually, Wi-Fi does not stand for anything.
    • South Korea enjoys the fastest internet in the world. The average Internet speed in South Korea is 26.7Mbps.
    • With over 650 million users, China tops the list of the highest number of global internet users.
    • Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam do not allow their citizens to browse the internet.
    • Studies indicate that though 5G is faster than Wi-Fi, the prominence of Wi-Fi is here to stay and rise.
    • Do you know when Wi-Fi first came into existence? Wi-Fi first originated in Hawaii. The University of Hawaii developed Wi-Fi for the first time in 1979.

    How to calculate download time?

    You can calculate download time from the following formula:

    Download time = file size / internet download speed

    Our online bandwidth calculator is also a download speed calculator. It helps you to calculate the speed of various downloads including photos, songs, and HD movies.

    Choose the download type in the presets and enter the file size in MB. You can see this file size on the download page from where you are downloading the item.

    Enter the number of downloads and enter the internet bandwidth size.

    In a jiffy, you can see the download time for your favorite movie or song.

    Thus, we made your life easy with our free online bandwidth calculator and download speed calculator along with various fun facts about internet speed.

    If you loved our online bandwidth calculator, reach us at to get it as a free widget.

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