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What is battery life?

Battery life is a term used to measure the performance of the battery as well as its longevity. This can be quantified in many ways.

For example, it can be:
  • Measured as the runtime on a full charge
  • Estimated by a manufacturer in milliampere-hours
  • The number of charge cycles until the end of useful life.

Important factors affecting the battery life

  • The type of battery
  • The number and the quality of cells used

Generally, battery health and longevity decline further as battery's life progresses and also with the function of the number of charge cycles it has gone through.

Tips to extend battery life

There are many things a user can do to extend battery life.

  • Use lithium polymer and lithium ion batteries to benefit from partial discharges and to enable more charge cycles.
  • By removing a laptop’s battery and plugging the device in when staying in one place will preserve and extend battery functioning.
  • Ensuring clean electricity and keeping the device cool also extends battery functioning.
  • Not running more applications than necessary can increase the battery life.
  • Reducing the screen brightness ensures longer battery life.

Do It Yourself

Generally, in default mode, the battery runs continuously until it is discharged. Switch your device to sleep mode and set the device parameters that can increase the battery life as per manufacturers recommendation and witness the longevity of battery life of your device.

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Terms related to battery life

Before understanding more about battery life and calculate the battery runtime, we need to know some basic terms that play a key role in determining the battery life.


Capacity is defined as the measure of the charge stored by the battery. The mass of active material contained in the battery generally determines the capacity of the battery.

This capacity represents the maximum amount of energy that can be extracted from the battery under certain specified conditions.

It is generally measured in Amp-hr.

This value usually printed on your battery, so that you can easily find it.


Consumption is the term that indicates the average current drawn by an electronic device, and it changes for different devices. It is generally expressed in amperes.

Discharge Safety

A percentage of battery capacity that is never used is known as discharge safety.

Imagine how wonderful it will be if we don’t need to charge our laptops, phones and many other electronic gadgets. The fact that no battery lasts forever is one which is very painful for all of us.

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The formula for calculating battery life

Battery life calculator allows us to find out the approximate runtime or the life of your battery. The formula used for knowing the battery life is:

Battery life = [capacity / {consumption x (1- discharge safety)}]

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Important modes of battery

  • The time for which our device is not sleeping during one operational cycle is called awake time.
  • The time for which our device spends sleeping during one operation cycle is called sleep time.
  • Even in the sleep mode, the device consumes some power. Consumption of power in sleep mode is termed as the average consumption of your device in sleep mode, measured in amperes. Consumption power in sleep mode is probably much lower than the consumption in awake mode.

Basing on these parameters, the battery life calculator finds the average consumption according to the equation

(average consumption) = ((consumption1 x time1) + (consumption2 x time2)) / (time1 + time2)
where 1 describes the awake mode, and 2 the sleep mode.

After determining the average consumption, this calculator substitutes for into the regular battery life formula to figure out the run time of your battery.

How CalculatorHut’s Battery life Calculator helps you?

CalculatorHut’s Battery life calculator gives you a realistic approximation of the battery runtime basing on its capacity and the energy consumption of your device. It is straightforward to use. All you need to enter is the battery capacity, discharge safety, and the device consumption and click Calculate. You can know the battery life in seconds, minutes, hours days and weeks, instantaneously.

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Happy Calculating!

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