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Tip Calculator

A tip is a token of the amount that is offered to the person who has rendered services such as hair styling, car parking, restaurant service or hotel room service.

A tip is generally given on thanks mentioning purpose and to express satisfaction to the person who rendered their services.

However, the concept of tipping differs from country and culture. Before you tip a person who served you, it is better to have an idea of tipping etiquette in that place.

Country Specific Tips

Some countries may feel tip as a bribe and insult, while others take it as respect. Besides, the amount to be tipped has also a set percentage in various cultures.

For example,
  • In India, tipping is not mandatory; however, it is appreciated. Generally, a multiple of Rs.10 is offered as a tip depending on services.
  • In Japan, it is insulting to give a tip straight away to hand. People expect tips in specialized envelopes, and they treat it as a respectable way, rather than taking cash to hand directly.
  • In China, you need not tip at all. However, foreign tourists do tip their local drivers and guides, and it is not offensive too.
  • In Singapore, if you tip a driver or a bartender, don’t be surprised if they give you a change in return. They treat the tip money as an amount paid for the bill. There is no tipping here too.
  • In France also, you need not tip. Waiters get a decent pay here and never expect tips at all.
  • In Germany, tips are accounted as income and are taxable beyond a certain level.
  • In Sweden, a tip is a sweet gesture for a high-quality service. You can leave small change as a tip. But if you tip using a card, remember that it is taxable.
  • In Mexico, you may have to tip around 10-15% of the total bill. Taxi drivers here do not expect tips; you may give to hotel helpers, though, for carrying your luggage or accompanying you till car parking or your hotel room.
  • In the USA, a minimum of 20-25% is mandatory for ala-carte services and 10% would suffice for buffet services.
☛ Tips are not included.
☛ Tips are not required.
☛ But, they are appreciated.

What are Shared Tips?

Shared Tips are the amount that you would have to contribute a tip from your side when you go in a group to a restaurant or use a cab service where tipping is essential.

Do you know when you tip more without your knowledge? Well, this is what psychology says:

  • When waiters wear red
  • When a waiter introduces themselves by their name
  • When they bring candy or Fennel seeds along with the bill
  • When they are of the opposite sex to you
  • When they look sleek and slender and serve with a beautiful natural smile

Surprising Fact about Tip

The total amount of tips collected per year in the USA alone is around $40 billion each year, which is far more than the budget of NASA!

How CalculatorHut’s Tip Calculator helps you?

Using CalculatorHut’s Tip and Shared Tip calculator, you can easily calculate the amount of individual tip or shared tip once you know the final bill and the percentage of the bill that you intend to tip.

The Shared Tip calculator helps, and you need not to worry about calculating for much time.

It’s handy, isn’t it? Get this tip calculator on your hotel website or travel and tourism website to share the knowledge with your potential customers. Mail us at calculatorhut@gmail.com for a free customized widget setup.

You can also download our app and carry this useful calculator in your hand always! Happy Tipping!!

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