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Curies Law Calculator

The French physicist, Pierre Curie proposed Curie's law. The law describes the properties of antiferromagnetic or paramagnetic substances.

Pierre Curie through his law stated that,

"The magnetism of a paramagnetic material is directly proportional to the magnetic field applied on it, and the magnetization of an object is inversely proportional to its temperature when that object is heated".

It can be mathematically represented as,

M = C x (B/T)
Where, M is the Magnetization,
B is the Magnetic field measured in terms of Tesla,
T is the absolute temperature measured in Kelvin,
C is the Curie constant.

Magnetic properties of substances

Earth itself is the biggest magnet, and so all the naturally occurring substances do have a certain range of magnetic nature in them, including humans and all living beings.

Based on their magnetic property which is determined by the alignment of the magnetic domains of substances, there are five types of magnetic materials in nature.

  • Diamagnetic substances: Those materials which neither attract nor repel magnetic substances. Ex: Water, sand.
  • Paramagnetic substances: They get magnetized in the presence of strong magnetic fields. They lose the magnetism when they are withdrawn from the magnetic field. Ex: Aluminum, Platinum.
  • Ferromagnetic substances: These are the materials that can be converted into permanent magnets. Once they turn into magnets, they do not lose magnetism even when the magnetic field is removed from around them. Ex: Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel.
  • Ferrimagnetism: This is a type of magnetism that exists between the lattices of crystalline compounds such as magnetite.
  • Ant ferromagnetism: Substances exhibiting this magnetic behavior do have magnetic nature within inside them; however, their sublattice magnetic moments are exactly equal and opposite, and hence they cancel each other, resulting in no net magnetism for the substance.

Physical Significance of Curie constant

The magnetic nature of a substance changes with the temperature it is subjected to. When magnetic materials are heated beyond certain temperatures, they lose their magnetism entirely. Curie constant emphasizes this behavior.

  • Curie constant is a measure of how good material can withstand magnetic alignment despite thermal fluctuations in it.
  • It also indicates the temperature over which a ferromagnetic material loses its ferromagnetism and turns paramagnetic.

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Applications of Curie’s Law

  • Curie’s law applies well for conditions such as not very strong magnetic fields and high temperature.
  • The temperature at which ferromagnetic material gets converted to paramagnetic by heating is called Curie temperature. One of the applications of this principle is the optical storage media where data can be erased, and new data can be inserted.
  • Magnetic thermometers work on the principle of Curie’s law of Para-magnetism. These thermometers help measure very low temperatures almost < 1 K. They work by measuring the magnetic susceptibility of paramagnetic substances.
  • Anti-ferromagnetic substances are used in magnetic sensors because of their insensitivity towards external fields.

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