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*Cost per kWh in India: ~₹5
*Cost per kWh in USA: ~$0.12
*Cost per kWh in UK: ~£0.12

Electricity Cost Calculator

Electricity bill is a common expense that we all pay as a part of our monthly expenses. It is something that we cannot avoid as all our lives are intertwined with electrical appliances. We now depend on electricity more than our ancestors ever did. This is due to the rampant change in lifestyle and work and globalization. On this page is a comprehensive guide that helps you to understand the concepts of electricity charges, the factors on which it depends upon, and effective tips to cut down electricity bill for both homes and commercial spaces.

How is electricity consumption calculated?

Electricity consumption, E, is usually counted in kilowatt-hours (KWh).

One kilowatt-hour per day means the rated power, P, of an electrical appliance multiplied by the number of hours, n, it is used per day divided by 1000.

P × n

Now, correspondingly the electricity cost the customer has to pay is equal to the energy consumed E per day multiplied by the cost of one unit or 1kWh of power/100.

Cost of electricity consumed per day
E × Cost

What is the Wattage of an appliance?

Another important term that we keep coming across when talking about electrical power consumption is the wattage of an electrical appliance.

The wattage of an electrical appliance means the power that the appliance would consumer when it is connected to its rated voltage supply.

Let us understand this better with an example. Consider a 40W bulb.

  • Assuming that it is connected to the rated voltage supply 230 volts, it draws 0.1739A.
  • When you keep it ON for one hour, it draws 0.04 kWh.
  • If it is ON for 25 hours, it draws 1kWh, which is one unit of power and costs roughly four rupees in India.

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Factors that influence electricity prices

It is a common phenomenon we observe that like fuel prices, electricity prices also do vary in states of a country and from country to country.

Do you know? The electricity prices in Canada is the cheapest in the world, while in Germany, it is the most expensive.

If you are wondering why electricity prices differ from place to place, here’s a comprehensive explanation:

Governments decide on electricity prices based on many factors:

  • Power plant costs: Setting up a power plant needs a lot of land and resources. Besides this initial cost, the cost to build, operate and maintain power plants are all considered for while deciding per unit power price.
  • Transmission and Distribution costs: The cost of power transmission, grid maintenance, and distribution systems plays a major role in price decision too. Also, electrical utilities take into account the amount they spend on emergency services, disaster management and back up provisions in cases such as extreme floods, earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, and tsunamis.
  • Legal and administration regulations: Depending on the state, the electricity regulations vary. For example, in a state, the power utilities are wholly owned by the government, while in others, a combination of private and public partnership may exist. In such cases, the shareholders and other partners also affect price decision.
  • Terrain and weather conditions: A land that is hilly need more effort and infrastructural cost to lay power transmission lines and distribution systems. This ultimately leads to an increased price per unit for the customers. Also, if an area has natural resources such as water, or wind readily available, then generation costs come down, which can bring cheer on customers faces too.

Variations in Electricity prices

Do you know? Electricity prices vary from season to season, customer to customer. Let us understand why this happens.


In tropical countries, electricity prices are highest in the summer season. This is because the usage of air conditioners, fans, and other cooling systems would be at its peak and thus the power utility is forced to increase the price to meet the peak demand.

This scenario can be reversed in colder countries, and they may witness a peak price of electricity in winter when they use room heaters and other heating appliances more.


When it comes to electricity usage, there are mainly two types of customers: Domestic and Commercial

  • Domestic customers are the normal house owners who have loads such as TVs, refrigerators, coolers, and other home electrical appliances.
  • Commercial customers include offices, commercial spaces such as shops, malls, cinema theatres, factories, etc. While there are many subclasses in this set of customers, the electricity price for each of them depends on state rules and many factors.

But, overall price per unit for domestic and commercial customers vary and this is decided by the government and the power utility together based on many factors.

In general, it is easy to supply electricity at higher voltages rather than at lower voltages. This is the reason industries that need higher voltages of power to run are charged lesser compared to domestic customers who need low voltage connections.

Why should we conserve electricity?

If you think money can buy electrical power, you are partially correct. If the natural resources that we are using now to generate electricity get consumed up in the nearby future, even money may not be able to buy electricity so easily. Hence it is upon all of us to conserve electricity as much as we can and leave a greener Earth and happier future for the generations ahead.

Setting up of a power plant involves consumption of lot many natural resources like water, land and in many cases, forests and natural habitats of various living organisms are also disturbed. Every unit of power consumed from our side has a story behind it that is to be narrated from the heart of Mother Earth.

Tips to save electricity

Thus, acting responsibly towards electricity conservation will never do any harm, but will make us a better human being too. Besides, who does not want a lesser figure on their monthly electricity bill? All of us! Don’t we?

So let’s see what we can do to protect Earth and save electricity.

  • If you are living in tropical countries, dark coat your windows and use UV reflecting windows to stay cooler during summers.
  • Install solar panels to power your home appliances. This is the best way to show your love to Earth and enjoy a lesser electricity bill too. A solar panel once installed in a home can last up to 40 years with very little maintenance. Isn’t this a reason to cheer up??
  • Buy five-star rated electrical appliances such as refrigerator, cooler, ACs, room heaters, iron boxes, electric cooker, ovens, juicers and all. Though the initial cost may be a little higher, you would notice a drastic positive effect on your monthly electricity bill.
  • Teach children the need to use power responsibly. Make it a habit to them to switch off fans and lights and other electrical appliances that are not needed when they are not in a room. Children learn by watching adults. So, start the implementation from your side.
  • Instead of coiled appliances such as electric heaters, use air conditioners to warm up a room. The latter ones consume lesser power.
  • Prefer fan to A/C. Slowly, you will get habituated to live without AC. Besides, AC is not best for your skin too in the long run. A simple beauty tip, isn’t it?
  • If you have to use AC at home, use it in a room and keep the door closed as long as it is ON. If you let the cooling to escape, AC draws more power to keep the room cool.
  • If you can afford, prefer motion sensors to control your lights and fans.
  • You can also use CFLs and LED-based lights too, instead of incandescent bulbs.
  • Soak clothes for a little more time than usual and run the washing machine for 5 minutes lesser than usual. You will see no difference in the results. At the end of 30 days, you have saved 150 minutes of power consumption by your washing machine. A good reason to cheer up, isn’t it?
  • In summers, wear light colored and cotton clothes to keep yourself cool, and in winter, wear dark colored and woolen clothes to stay warm. This way you can cut down your usage of ACs, coolers, and heaters.
  • Prefer the stairs than taking the lift every time. This makes you both healthy and wealthy. Double happiness!! By the way, do you know your body mass index (BMI)? Our BMI calculator will tell you. Know it now!
  • Prefer spending in natural light and natural air. This is good for your health and your wallet too.
  • Use electronic devices in power saver mode. This will reduce the need for charging them more frequently.
  • Plant more trees and make Earth smile again. This will reduce global warming and finally leads to cutting down in the usage of fans and ACs.

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