Physics Calculators

Physics Calculators

Physics is a branch of study that makes modern life possible. The progress that science has made in modern times owes it all to physics. Eminent physicists who decoded the mysteries of physics include Maharshi Kanada, Aryabhatta, Isaac Newton, Aristotle, Archimedes, Nicolaus Copernicus, Niels Bohr, Galileo Galilei – to name a few.

In its earlier days of discovery, people rejected many theories of physics as they contradicted the popular beliefs that were firmly in existence in those times. Little could they foresee that those discoveries were precursors of modern inventions such as the internet and space advancements.

Branches of Physics

Physics is a deep subject, no wonder it unravels the mysteries of the universe. Each branch of physics has distinct characteristics and is further subdivided into multiple studies.

Some of the main branches of physics that every one of us should have a basic idea about are:

  • Classical Physics: It studies matter and energy and is the mother of many branches of physics. Kinetics, mechanics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics, laws of motion – all these come under classical physics.
  • Thermodynamics: It studies heat and its properties. Heating and cooling devices such as air conditioners and refrigerators have thermodynamics in their underlying design.
  • Sound: Studies sound waves, propagation, and application. Right from SONARs to background music design - the principles of sound waves guide everything.
  • Optics: It is the study of light and its principles. Thanks to optics, today we enjoy laser surgeries, spectacles, microscopes, telescopes, and many more light-based devices.
  • Electromagnetics: This is the branch of physics that studies electricity and magnetism. Magnetic levitation trains, mobile phones, generators, industrial applications - the list of applications of electromagnetics in our daily life is endless.
  • Mechanics: The study of various types of motion - Linear, circular, angular, etc. Speed, velocity, acceleration, and various other aspects related to motion fall under mechanics.
  • Atomic physics: This branch of physics studies atoms and their nature. Atomic physics is the cornerstone for an advanced and revolutionary field of study called Quantum Mechanics.

Importance of physics calculations in daily life

Lord Kelvin - the father of Kelvin's scale of temperature said it so correctly – "In science, there is only physics. All the rest is stamp collecting.” A closer look at the day to activities hints this is truest in every essence.

Whether it is a human body that works due to the balance between the blood pressure and the atmospheric pressure or plant-environmental interaction that proves mechanical stress, gravitational field, electromagnetic fields, etc, everything in our daily life has physics in it.

Physics calculation comes to use in every other step of life. Gravitational force, potential energy, Osmotic pressure, Electricity Cost, Length of Shadows, Kinetic Energy, Capacitance, Inductance, Resistance - physics never ceases to fuel our daily life applications.

Physics principles seem simple to read yet deeper to comprehend. Physics calculations can unravel simple applications to the profound mysteries of space. Here’s where physics calculators can come to your rescue.

Ohm’s law, for instance, sounds very simple: V=I *R. If you apply it to a complex circuit with hundreds of resistors, you will perceive the beauty of this complexity. Similarly, various physics calculations sound simple yet can perplex based on the area and context of the application.

Online free physics calculators

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