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Square Area and Properties

Square is a quadrilateral whose all sides are of equal length and all the corner angles are equal.

A square is also called as a regular quadrilateral because of the equal sides and equal angles.

Properties of a Square:

What makes a quadrilateral into square?


The perimeter of a square is 4 times the length of one side (or) The perimeter of a square is the sum of all four sides of a square.


The area of a square is the product of length any two sides.

Assume that a length of a square is equal to ‘s’
Therefore, Area = s x s
Perimeter = (s+s+s+s) = 4 x s


It is the line segment joining two opposite vertices. The length of a diagonal in a square is √2 times the length of a side in a square.

Interesting Facts about Square

How to use Calculator Hut’s Square Area Calculator?

Square calculator allows you to find the area, perimeter and length of the diagonal of a square in the units you want. Since it is very difficult to calculate these values if the length of the square is high, this calculator helps us finding these parameters in no time.

You can also conveniently add our square area calculator widget to your website and make calculations instantly.

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