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Engine Horsepower Calculator

The engine horsepower calculator works based on the relation between horsepower and displacement. There are two methods for calculating engine horsepower:

  • Elapsed time method
  • Trap Speed Method

Factors affecting Engine Horsepower

In addition to the technical factors such as weight and the make of the engine, the following factors play a major role in deciding the engine horsepower:

  • Weather conditions including temperature and humidity
  • Land terrain and elevation
  • Type of fuel used

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CalculatorHut’s engine horsepower calculator is designed based on the first and the more popularly used method: The Elapsed Time Method.

Elapsed Time Method - Explained

In general, the elapsed time is the time taken for a vehicle to complete a complete track in any given competition.

The parameters used in the calculation of engine horsepower according to the elapsed time method are:

  • The weight of the vehicle.
  • Time needed to complete a quarter mile (402.3 meters).

The formula of horsepower as per this method

EHP = Weight / ( ET / 5.825 ) * 3

Note: You can get accurate engine horsepower rating when you can load the engine using a dynamometer.

Precautions to be taken for Measuring Engine Horsepower

  • The vehicle that is being taken for the test should be entirely in a good working condition. Airbags, brakes, the condition of tires, and the engine fluids and other mechanical systems should be working at their best.
  • The driver should be aware of what exactly is happening and the resulting repercussions and consequences, if something goes wrong.
  • The elapsed time method should only be conducted at the places legally specified for the same purpose. It should never be conducted in public areas like parks, grounds, and roads, owing to the hazards the over speed poses.

How CalculatorHut’s Engine Horsepower Calculator helps you?

You can use this calculator to calculate the horsepower of a high-performance vehicle or an engine. It is convenient and lets you calculate the result in many different units.

Just enter the values accordingly in the unit you desire and click Calculate. You can get the answers instantaneously.

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